Role: User Experience Researcher and Designer (Full Time)

Duration : 2yrs( June 2014-July 2016)

Location: Samsung R&D, Bangalore, India.

Team: Next experience with Technology Group( NxT)

Project Domains: Accessibility, Visual Impairment, Voice Based Personal Assistants, Educational interfaces, Design for India, Human factors assessment and Usability .

Managers/ Mentors: Sanjay Ghosh, Chief Researcher and Designer

Design of Usable Touch Gestures for Visually impaired: Led research and design of new touch gestures set for visually impaired users for Samsung Talkback solution in  Android for Accessibility Team. Conducted task based qualitative research, gesture elicitation and performance experiments to built new gestures and design solutions.Selected as one of the top 3 research work from Samsung Bangalore Center.
Voice as a Companion: Researched and Envisioned Personalization Strategies for Samsung’s voice assistant and social robots.Conducted Forced Photo-Metaphor Elicitation and auditory   sensing experiment and define the scenario for voice assistants and social robots .
Macro Behavior and Social Needs of Indian Youth: Created solutions for GenX indian youth as part of Samsung Mid Range Android smartphone .Conducted on field in-depth research with low-income youth  to understand  their macro behavior and social needs & conceptualized design solutions.
Organizational Achievements: Won two awards (Employee of the month, Best Research Project) as part of my role and published two papers in HCI international conference.



Major Projects

Project 1: Design of Usable Touch Gestures for Visually impaired.


Target users

fully blind, extreme low vision and low vision


Discovering existing issues with the touch gestures and general accessibility features.

Q-1: What are the most common errors that users commit while performing touch gestures and how can these gestures be designed to avoid them?

Evaluate Ease of Performance of few existing and  new gestures.

Q-2: How effective are the existing touch phone gestures in terms of performance and intuitiveness for the users?


Explore new intuitive gestures for existing and new set of commands

Q-3: What are the criteria for designing effective touch phone gestures for visually impaired?










Project 2: Voice as a Companion


Goal: Humanize the Personal assistants

How to design voice as a companion_excerpt from a talk.png

Research Method


Characteristics of companionship


Analysis: Human Companionship framework





Project 3: Macro Behaviour and Social Needs of Indian Youth 


Design for Indian Youth

low to middle income


Objective: To identify the changing micro-behaviors and needs for low income segment youth in India and create design solution for samsung mid-range android and Tizen platform based phones

Methodology: Qualitative interviews and Focus Groups discussions

Participants: 25 Including college student, part time job workers from small towns of India shifted to Bangalore or daily travelers(see appendix for details) 


Sample Research Insights


  • Most appreciated and impactful research insights, appreciated by C level management.

  • Existing Resource for the whole Tizen innovation design team ( 28 members) working on application for these platform.

  •  Design solutions for Gallery, camera and financial management solutions.

The Journey

This two year journey is one of the most memorable one, where I got an opportunity to work many extremely smart, passionate and  energetic young people, made friends for life, travel and exposed to many learning opportunities, and got recognitions for my work and passion. ( though few pictures might be hazy but they are etched clearly in my mind).

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