Role: User Experience Design and Research Intern

Duration : 12 Weeks( May 2017-Aug 2017)

Location: Motorola Solutions, Plantation, Florida, US.

Team: 28 labs, the innovation design group

Project: Voice User Experience Design, Experience Design for Type 4.0 Semi autonomous  vehicles

Managers/ Mentors: Sanne Martens, Bert Van Der Zyaag

Voice User Experience [Tactical Project]: Designed scenarios, evaluated and iterated interactive simulations  of Offline Voice Interactions for RadioNext Device Experiences. Primary use cases are being implemented for Motorola Next-Gen radio and wearable solutions.
Vehicle as a partner[Envisioning Project]: Research, Envisioned, Conceptualized and Designed Interactive scenarios for Semi Autonomous vehicle for patrol and field officers. 


Tactical Project

Design Process


Ride Alongs

The initial journey started with doing a ride along in order to get a sneak peek into the life of field officer. One of pressing was how these officers multitasked with 4 device to 5 devices simultaneously while trying to situationally aware. Voice as a modality was being commonly used since they interacted continuously with a dispatcher.

RIde along.png
Artboard 5.png


Design Strategies

Voice Control.009.jpeg

Task Flow

Voice Control.014.jpeg


Defining the voice interactions flow for 12 use case scenarios, stating the possible user and system response, the different non-visual feedbacks and different possibilities of error and confirmation handling. These multiple possibilities were discussed within development and design team to prototype for validation in Animate CC.( flash based prototyping).


***Blurred Example

  • Overall well received.
  • Preferred voice command to change channels over using radio screen or knob.
“Officers would like this. One of biggest complaints from officers is changing channel is a hassle especially in a hurry, in fact, most of them don't even know what the zones or channels are"  - A User
  • Button to activate is a must. However, expecting Voice UX to reduce the need to remove the radio from belt. (May need buttons on both audio accessory and radio, as well as an option to use a wakeword.)
  • Officers want the ability to hear as well as view the results
  • Concern: Training on shared radios (different voices and speech patterns); recognition accuracy of out of breath or stressed out voice


***Blurred Examples


The  Experience

Voice Control.018.jpeg

Interactive Scenario

a day in a life( example)

Voice Control.025.jpeg

Interactive Scenario

a day in the life(example)


1 The work was selected for presented to the CTO by the Voice Team in a quarterly review and was highly appreciated by the whole team ( designers, developers and high level managers).

2 Primary Use Cases selected to be implemented in the upcoming devices.

Envisioning Project

Envision and conceptualize the role of autonomous vehicle type 4.0 as a partner for public safety officers especially public safety professionals

Artboard 4.png




Photo Metaphor Elicitation

 characterisitcs of Partnership



***Blurred Examples


BOLO (Be on the look out) Visualization

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 4.49.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 4.49.24 PM.png




1 The work  presented to the CTO and across whole organization  and was highly appreciated and recognized.

2 The concepts are chosen to be part Vehicle UX design strategy 2022.


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