Duration: Oct 2017-Nov 2017,  Individual Project

As our population ages, many adult children are becoming more involved in their parent’s care.  This includes larger issues such as finances and make their homes safer to more daily involvement such as transportation and meals.  Parents are taking more medication so an added stress with a parent who is still on their own is making sure they take the right medication and at the right time.  Automatic medication dispensing devices are currently available to help a patient take the right medication at the correct time.  However, besides a simple text message if a medication is missed, a care giver such as child does not have a useful way to monitor their parent’s medication.  
Medminder is  an iOS app for caregivers to monitor their closed ones medication dosage.

Project Journey



Jack is a 34 years old data scientist working at Google Mountain View, California. He's originally from Savannah, Atlanta where he attended the middle school through college and lived with his family. Jack has always been very close to his family. Currently, there are two people in his family including his 68-year-old father John and a 45-year-old elder sister Emma, who now lives in Canada with her husband. Jack’s mother Morgan passed away 7 months ago due to a chronic heart disease. After passing of her mother, Jack’s father has become a little desolate. He recently got retired from his private job but continues to stay in Savannah where he has a large group of friends and relatives. He is also a deeply religious man and goes to church frequently for long hours in morning to hang out with his friends. 

Jack’s father suffers from the Type 2 Diabetes, diagnosed one year ago. There is also the risk of it leading to a cardiovascular disease. Thus, he has been strictly prescribed to stay on the healthy diet and avoiding foods with excess sugar, carbohydrates, and fat. Moreover, he is required to be on constant oral medication (glyburide, repaglinide etc.) that helps him maintain his insulin level. 

Initially, John was very disciplined about his health. However, after passing of Jacks’ Mom he has started to become negligent towards his health and unpunctual with the medications. Earlier Morgan used to take care of Johns’ oral medications but after her, all the responsibility has come on Jack and he is the primary caregiver. 











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