Medminder is  an iOS app for caregivers to monitor their closed ones medication dosage.As our population ages, many adult children are becoming more involved in their parent’s care.  This includes larger issues such as finances and make their homes safer to more daily involvement such as transportation and meals.  Parents are taking more medication so an added stress with a parent who is still on their own is making sure they take the right medication and at the right time.  Automatic medication dispensing devices are currently available to help a patient take the right medication at the correct time.  However, besides a simple text message if a medication is missed, a care giver such as child does not have a useful way to monitor their parent’s medication.  

Duration: Oct 2017-Nov 2017,  
Type: Individual Project
Keywords: UI Design, Pill Monitoring application for Caregivers.
Tools : Sketch, Invision, Crank Storyboard, Fusion 360.



Project Journey


SCENARIO BASED DESIGN ( Interaction Scenario)

Jack is a 34 years old data scientist working at Google Mountain View, California. He's originally from Savannah, Atlanta where he attended the middle school through college and lived with his family. Jack has always been very close to his family. Currently, there are two people in his family including his 68-year-old father John and a 45-year-old elder sister Emma, who now lives in Canada with her husband. Jack’s mother Morgan passed away 7 months ago due to a chronic heart disease. After passing of her mother, Jack’s father has become a little desolate. He recently got retired from his private job but continues to stay in Savannah where he has a large group of friends and relatives. He is also a deeply religious man and goes to church frequently for long hours in morning to hang out with his friends. 

Jack’s father suffers from the Type 2 Diabetes, diagnosed one year ago. There is also the risk of it leading to a cardiovascular disease. Thus, he has been strictly prescribed to stay on the healthy diet and avoiding foods with excess sugar, carbohydrates, and fat. Moreover, he is required to be on constant oral medication (glyburide, repaglinide etc.) that helps him maintain his insulin level. Initially, John was very disciplined about his health. However, after passing of Jacks’ Mom he has started to become negligent towards his health and unpunctual with the medications. Earlier Morgan used to take care of Johns’ oral medications but after her, all the responsibility has come on Jack and he is the primary caregiver.

Jack has a busy life in California and is one of the high-performing employees at his company. However, he calls his dad twice a day to discuss his health and remind about his oral medications. But with an upcoming launch of his new product, he is not able to frequently track his fathers’ medications. One day, he got a call from his dad doctor who informed him about the drastic decrease in the insulin level of his Dad, majorly due to missing his medications. Jack became really concerned about it and decided to purchase an Automatic Pill Dispenser System, MedMinder. MedMinder timely reminds his father about medication and dispenses the refilled pills boxes delivered by the pharmacy. It also comes with a companion application which helps John to keep track of his father’s daily pill intakes. His father had to take two pillboxes, one in the morning [4 pills] and other in the late evening [2 pills].

One day early morning at 8:30 am PST as Jack was getting ready to go to work, he received a push notification alert on his phone that his father has missed his pills scheduled for morning between 10:30-11:00 am EST (Figure 1). Jack has set up a customized alert in the settings (Figure 2) which informs him only after there is the delay of 30 mins from the stipulated pill taking time. Thus, Jack becomes anxious due to this alert and decide to give a call (Figure 3), but his father didn’t pick up. He then messaged to confirm about it (Figure 4). He soon got a reply from John who was attending the church and forgot to take his pills in urgency. He told Jack that he would take it in an hour after reaching home. John pacifies, however knowing his fathers’ frequent habit of forgetting, he goes in the Med- planner section with the timeline view (Figure 5) and clicks on the reminder button to record an audio alert message in his voice scheduled to be play one hour later and repeating after 20 mins (Figure 6). One hour later, John receives a notification that his father has taken his pills. He then sent a pre-recorded thank you message as an appreciation for his adherence. (Figure 7).

Three days later, Jack gets a notification from his MedMinder application (Figure 8) where John’s doctor has communicated a new prescription (Figure 9). He taps on the message to go to the Pharmacy section in MedMinder application. This section helps Jack to communicate/interaction with his pharmacy and track doctors’ appointments and more. He saw the message from Dr. Norman about the 2 dosages of Pramlintide to be given in evening during for month 21 Sept- 16thOct. (Figure 9). John orders the pillboxes by calling the pharmacists and informs his father about it. Next day, pillboxes are loaded in the MedMinder system by his father. He then goes inside the Med planner and taps on the add button to create a new pill box (Figure 10). He adds the box name, days, duration, scheduled times, and enter the medications name by browsing through a database of pills (Figure 11). After saving the pill box, it starts showing in the Med-Planner Timeline (Figure 12). In the end, after buying MedMinder device, John has become less anxious about his father health and could concentrate more on his daily work and personal life.





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