CI Management Dasboard



Design of an online dashboard system for cognizant interactive(design and business unit of cognizant). Cognizant Interactive management (Upper, Middle, Lower) was facing problem with visualizing reports and Business Intelligence as there is too much data to be studied from excel sheets. There is no online executive dashboard system where the Upper management can see dynamic reports BI to take decisions. In present system the whole data is entered by Lower management in excel sheets this data is manually sent to the Upper and Middle management. These reports that are following internal management structure for tracking performance are also not mapped to Cognizant Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Due to this the management needed an internal online portal which will give different type of reports in form of dynamic visualization and as well automate the whole process.

Role: UX Design Internship

Team: Cognizant Interactive

Duration:May 2012-Jul 2012

Project Manger:Director Suhas Bendre, Cognizant Interactive.

Contribution: Individual UX project

Project Journey



Research Goals

Understand existing contexts along with challenges, information flow, type of data and insights to be displayed.

Identify key result areas(KRA) for each user, and the corresponding tasks plus information needs for each of these KRA’s.

Understand the data priority for different management roles/positions and define the information hierarchy .


Secondary Research: Desk Research and Expert Interviews.

Primary Research: User Interviews and modified open card sorting.


A. Secondary Research (Contextual Inquiry ,User interviews and Card sorting)

Initially involved in literature study, comparative study and benchmarking, understanding current flow of information and data to be displayed, problems existing in current scenario as well as researching about dashboards, data visualizations etc. Represented my findings in form of a MindMap.


B. Primary Research(Contextual interviews and Open Card sorting)

In the next phase, I conducted user interviews to understand about the problems faced by Global Competency(GCL) Head and GCL Leads in seeing data in current scenario, type of data that they want to see daily etc. and done card sorting to make priority list of reports that they see daily. These user interviews helped me in understanding what problems the managers were facing in the current scenario as well understand the hierarchy in which they need to see the data on the basis of their role.


Analysis and Ideation

Research Analysis(New Design Brief, task flows,Information Architecture)

In this phase I analyzed all the user research, card sorting etc to redefine design brief i.e. To make a separate Homapage for every user groups on basis of their Roles and Key Result Areas having separate login system. The portal would also help the manager to perform the various other tasks related to his role. The information architecture was made on the basis of results from card-sorting by two user groups.

Info 1.jpg


Finally I made the low-fidelity mockups for two user groups -GCL Head and GCL Lead.

LO-FI Mockup: GCL Lead

Wireframe 1.jpg

LO-FI Mockup: GCL Head

Wire 2.jpg

Wireframes Document



The internship provided me first time opportunity of learning some of the methods and process involved in user centered design process which I truly enjoyed.It also taught me how to conduct user studies(interviews, card sorting etc) in a corporate scenarios and settings.As a whole it was a great learning experience for me as a user experience designer and researcher


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